Intellectual Property

If you already have a design or have worked with us to develop one, we can assist with preparing presentations and samples for meetings with potential licensee’s. We have also assisted law firms with fast turn around development work related to intellectual property litigation. Whether you have filed a patent already or not, we can help create visual (non-functional) prototypes, 3D printed parts, 3D renderings and fully functional prototypes. Lawrence Binder, the founder of Binder Biomedical, is listed on numerous medical device and instrument patents.


Patents / Trademarks

We work directly with patent attorney’s to generate patent drawings and assist in the development of claims on your behalf. Our network of patent attorneys are very familiar with the nuances of medical devices and will work on a project or hourly basis.

Sample Confidentiality and Non-Use Agreement

We understand the importance of keeping your ideas confidential. We have created a standard mutual confidentiality and non-use agreement that can help you feel comfortable to share your ideas with us. You can also provide one of your own creation. If you decide to use ours, please fully read the agreement and understand that we are not providing legal advice. We normally have a general initial meeting to discuss the basics of the project prior to signing any agreements or receiving any proprietary information.